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  • Anatomically correct landmarks and elastic abdominal wall facilitates realistic training in assessment of uterine involution in the early puerperium.

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  • Accurate landmarks. Landmarks including the pubic symphysis, umbilicus, and the uterus and the abdominal wall made of new material facilitates realistic training.
  • 4 variations of uterine inserts. Realistic palpation to assess the degree of uterine involution and meausre fundal height.
  • Easy settings.


  • Anatomically right exapt spots for palpation including.
  • the pubic symphysis, the umbilicus, ribs and the uterus.
  • Delicate and flexible stomach divider that grants exceptionally.
  • reasonable palpation to evaluate the level of uterine.
  • involution and to measure the fundal height.
  • Four variety of uterine supplements that are compatible.


  • Assessment of iterus in early puerperium.
  • Fundal height measurement by a measure tape.
  • palpation of uterine fundus.
  • Perineal cleansing and assessment.
  • Demonstration of postpartum massage.
  • Assessment of anal prolapse.