EYE Examination Simulator

  1. 1 manikin head and shoulder
    • 1 pupil switch : 3 steps (2, 3.5 and 5mm diameter)
    • 1 Slide holder with 3 step depth setting
  2. 1 set of case slides (10 cases)
  3. 1 slide duster
  4. 1 carrying case


The EYE Examination Simulator is a creative coach for fundus assessment, intended to permit assessment of eyegrounds with the doctor’s own ophthalmoscope. Different cases can be set up for learners utilizing blends of selection of slides, profundity and student distance across.

Soft and supple material allows hands-on simulation of real examination procedures, such as raising the eyelid.


  • Suitable for training with all types of direct ophthalmoscopes. Lens-equipped eyeball units reproduct the visual axis close to that of the human eye providing a realistic eye-ground view.
  • When instruments are used improperly, the ocular fundus will not beobserved clearly.
  • Dept of the fundus slides can be set in three settings, showing the differences between hyperopic, normal and myopic views.
  • 10 cases of fundus slides are provided for training in common eye disease identifications. Slides were produced from actual clinical images in order to simulate appropriate view of the eye unit.
  • Soft and supple manikin material allows hands-on practice of examination procedures, such as raising the eyelid.
  • Pupil diameter can be changed to¬†two depths, 3.5 and 8mm.
  • Red reflex can be observed.