Prostate Examination Simulator

  • four glands,
  • hard carrying case,
  • lubricant,
  • and teaching guide.


The Prostate assessment test system gives reasonable preparing in prostate palpation. Delicate rear and rectum material permits productive preparing in assessment aptitudes. Ten sorts of prostates are set in the test system and the mentor can easily trade them using a simple rotating system.

Three patient positions are conceivable. Conservative and space-sparing structure.


  • Stage A Gland – Benign, slightly enlarged, but otherwise normal prostate gland.
  • Stage B Gland – A discrete, hard nodule is palpable in the upper right quadrant. This simulates a beginning stage of carcinoma.
  • Stage C Gland – The spread of carcinoma is demonstrated in this gland. The small nodule has increased in size and has become an external hard mass on the surface of the gland.
  • Stage D Gland – This gland is totally replaced with carcinoma. The entire gland will feel hard and irregular.