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  • 1 lower torso manikin
  • 3 prostate units: 9 prostates
  • 4 rectum units
  • 1 lubricant gel
  • 1 storage case
  • 1 instruction manual

Order Pregabalin online - Buy Lyrica 300 mg online

The Prostate & Rectal Simulator includes 9 types of prostates and 4 types of rectums that are easily exchangeable and can be positioned in 3 different ways.


  • Training with multiple prostates and rectal cases is concurrent and time efficient.
  • Lateral, supine and prone positioning.
  • 3 revolving units with 9 prostates can easily be changed.
  • Nine types of prostate simulate different scenarios.
  • Four rectum units.


  • Digital-examination of the prostate and rectum.
  • Insertion and the use of the anal-scope and the proctoscope.