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Testicular ultrasound is the primary imaging method for evaluating disorders of the testicles caused by cystic and solid masses, trauma, inflammation and torsion. Testicular ultrasound is also used to evaluate causes of infertility and locate undescended testis.

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Ultrasound assessment of the scrotum is a compelling, safe, and effortless imaging strategy to survey male regenerative organs for tumors, irritation, and injury, just as potential reasons for barrenness. The ultrasound ghost gives sonographers, inhabitants in preparing, and doctors, with the open door for hands-on preparing with a scrotal apparition utilizing an ultrasound scanner. Tradable typical and malignant ghost embeds give instances of life structures and pathology of the male genitalia to mimic an ongoing encounter. Using the Scrotal Ultrasound Training phantom, the testicles and epididymis can be examined by moving the ultrasound transducer over the scrotum.


  • Teaching tool for diagnostic scanning of the testicles
  • Anatomically accurate model of penis, scrotum, testicles and epididymis
  • Intratesticular mass
  • Internal and external anatomical landmarks


Scortal Ultrasound