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Careful Simulation is a specialization of Medical Simulation, where students and experts teach and train in modern surgical interventions by utilizing the latest advances in surgery simulator technologies.

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SurgeryVision – Virtual Reality solution for Surgeons

Our ambitious vision “Zero Surgical Failures” comes from operation theaters where every failure matter.

These failures in operation theaters are time and resource consuming, by having also direct impact to patient outcome. For helping to reduce these failures in operating theaters, ADESANTE has developed its flagship product, SurgeryVision.

SurgeryVision is a Virtual Reality solution presenting patients MRI and / or CT (DICOM) image as a virtual  model. This stereoscopic 3D virtual model helps surgeons to make more precise planning of surgical procedures, and it is also claimed by our users that SurgeryVision would help them to reduce procedure time.


  • SurgeryVision is FAST. It creates virtual model of patients MRI or CT image slizes data in seconds.
  • There is no need to open CT or MRI data slices and view them one by one anymore, for trying to get holistic view of the target.
  • SurgeryVision is PRECISE as original imaging data is not modified by the system.
  • Presented image quality is as good as provided by the customers PACS system.
  • SurgeryVision is HIGH-QUALITY. By contacting us, you can also experience SurgeryVision`s MDD classified quality.