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Training for safe Thoracentesis/Pericardiocentesis with ultrasound guidance. This simulator allows trainees to insert the needle under ultrasound guidance, pierce the “pericardial sac” and aspirate pericardial fluid.

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  • Set Includes:
    • 1 adult chest model
    • 1 mid-axially line unit
    • 1 mid-scapular line unit
    • 1  Pericardiocentesis unit
    • 1 pillow for positioning
    • 1 explanation model for thoracentesis
    • 1 Instruction manual


    • 1 Irrigator
    • 1 Funnel
    • 2 Syringes
    • 1 joint hose
    • 1 tube with three-way stopcock
    • 1 plastic jar


  • Phenomenal Ultrasound picture.
  • Ribs can be touched.
  • Tie on cut joins to learn quiet situating and up close and personal correspondence.
  • Two locales for get to: right mid-scapular line and left mid-axillary line.
  • Volume of pleural radiation can be controlled to set various degrees of difficulties.
  • Offers pictures for suitable areas to rehearse the subxiphoid approach and the parasternal approach.
  • Offers pictures for suitable areas to rehearse the subxiphoid approach and the parasternal approach.


  • Patient positioning
  • Visualization of pericardial fluid under ultrasound scanning
  • Landmark palpation
  • Needle insertion to the pericardial space
  • Aspiration of pericardial effusion