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1 Male upper torso with the right arm

2 PICC puncture pad

10 simulated blood sticks(swab type)

1 syringe

1 jar

1 instruction manual

1 carrying bag

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Incidentally embedded Central Catheter is viewed as a sheltered methodology in setting a catheter in the focal line and utilization of ultrasound direction is prescribed to diminish hazard to patients.This test system is the unparalleled model which gives preparing in full procedural aptitudes from the needle addition, control of the PICC, to position of the distal tip in the SVC. Both basilic and cephalic veins are set up for access to set various degrees of difficulties in cannnulation. The ultrasound-capable cut site is replaceable. The mmovable shoulder considers preparing in situating of the arm to dodge conceivable malposition of the catheter. Anatomically right bifurcation of the vein in the upper chest gives sensible opposition of its external dividers and empowers test systems of inconveniences, for example, malposition of the catheter into the jugular, the thoracodorsal or the subclavian. The test system is perfect for hands-on preparing of occupants, expert attendants and radiographers.cannula


  • astounding picture quallity and perception of the needle tip for ultrasound guided venous access.
  • Movanble shoulder.
  • provides  trainings in full methods from the needle addition to the catheter tip arrangement .
  • (flash-back) affirmation of successful venous access.
  • Ribs and right clavicle are inclused to decide lenght of the catheter just as to have anatomical comprehension of right PICC tip area.
  • anatomically right bifurcation of vein.
  • Reenactment of the malposition of the cannula can be mimicked.


      • cannulation.
      • Guide wire Insertion and Dilatacion.
      • ultrasound guided venuos access.
      • Punture site selection .
      • Patient positioning.