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Phantom breast elastography ultrasound training model allows users to develop and practice the skills necessary to gain proficiency in using ultrasound for elastography imaging and guided surgical procedures.

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A unique phantom for training in basic breast ultrasound examination. Simulated targets with different echogenicities are embedded in the phantom mammary gland. The subcutaneous adipose, the mammary gland, the galactophonre, Cooper’s ligament, the retromammary adipose, the costae, the clavicle, the pectorails major and the lung can be visualized as well as the lymph nodes at axilla.


  • State-of-the-art breast ultrasound phantom with anatomy
  • Skills required for ultrasound breast screening can be greatly
  • advanced with practice
  • Excellent ultrasound image quality


  • Systematic full breast scanning
  • Visualization of key anatomical landmarks
  •  Tracking of galactophore
  • Visualization and differentiation of typical pathologies
  •  Localization and measurement of cysts and tumor