Cervical Assessment Simulator

  • 1 Maternal body
  • 1 Genitalia unit
  • 1 Cervix unit
  • 1 set of cervicaldilation module (5 variations)
  • 1 Holder for the cervical dilation module
  • 3 Lubricant (150ml)
  • 1 Talcum powder
  • 1 Instruction manual


Outer genitalia made of the new material and anatomically exapt vaginal canal provides true-to-life, hands-on preparing in cervical assessment to decide Bishop score from the last phase of pregnancy to the primary phase of the labor.


  • Genital region made of imaginative material that exceed expectations in versatility, toughness and strength offers active preparing opportunity.
  • Compatible five phases of cervical widening module can be introduced with a solitary activity. Plunge of the fetal head can likewise be set.
  • Anatomically right milestones including the ischial spine and the pubic symphysis.
  • Back fontanelle to decide the fetal position.


  • Determination of bishop score (cervix score) using landmarks of the ischial spines and the pubic symphysis.
  • Assessment of cervical dilation.
  • Procedures of urine catheterization.
  • Procedures cervical cytology.