Colonoscope Training Model

The delicate, adaptable and impenetrable material permits sensible colonoscope addition and withdrawal preparing just as insufflation, pull and troublesome move methods, giving the important preparing to maintain a strategic distance from agony and inconvenience during an assessment.


The human colon continually changes its direction in the midsection, and the preparation model can likewise give differed cases to look at while rehearsing legitimate colonoscope taking care of and strategies. From basic and straightforward cases to troublesome and delicate varieties, this preparation model is intended to take into consideration a wide scope of difficulties to understudies and experts the same, showing abilities bit by bit for an elevated level of certainty and skill.


  • The soft, flexible colon tube provides a life-like response to use of a colonoscopy, in order to acquire skills such as preventing “loops” and straightening them to safely reach the caecum.
  • The colon tube can be made airtight, allowing for insufflation and suction.
  • The anal sphincter opening can be manipulated by a hand pump.
  • The training body may be oriented in either the left lateral, right lateral or supine positions.
  • Five different layout guides with six cases and a training guide book are included. The colon tube can be easily attached to the abdomen body according to each particular case to be studied.
  • Manual abdominal compression can be practiced by using the supplied skin cover.
  • Newly developed lubricant gels (included) provide for smooth colonoscopy manipulation as well as reduced wear of the colon tube.
  • The colon tube is detachable and easy to clean with just water.
  • Replacement colon tubes are available as needed.