Ear Examination Simulator II

  • normal
  • serious otitis media (SOM)
  • mucoid otitis media (MOM)
  • chronic otitis media with perforation
  • acute suppurative otitis media (AOM)
  • cholesteatoma
  • tympanosclerosis
  • traumatic perforations
  • cerumen block


The new Ear Examination Simulator II is revamped to procure protected and solid abilities in the assessment of the outer acoustic meatus and tympanic layer with an immediate otoscope. As new highlights, the model cautions against difficult addition. The admonition has two modes: self-learning mode (with a signal) and educator mode (quiet). The educator mode is valuable for OSCE or aptitudes assessment. Aptitudes to be educated incorporates: safe utilization of an otoscope, di╦ťerentiation of run of the mill ear issues and earwax/remote body evacuation.


  • Warning against painful insertion with or without beep
  • Major 9 cases are prepared
  • Quick switching between cases
  • 2 sizes of ear canals
  • Anatomically correct soft ear model that allows training in straightening the auditory canal by pulling the auricle
  • Work with a real otoscope
  • The manikin neck can be tilted.
  • Training is possible with both left and right ears.


  • Ear Examination with an otoscope
  • Foreign body removal