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Ultrasound, due to its ability to demonstrate abnormalities that are not detected clinically or radiographically, as a result of its ability to image the cartilaginous components of the infant hip, has emerged as the recommended imaging tool in the diagnosis of DDH.

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This realistic 6-week-old infant model enables trainees to repeatedly practise the key examination procedures of hip sonography, including the ability to identify standard plane for Graf’s classification.

The ultrasoundable material allows learners to locate key landmarks, making it an ideal training tool for paediatricians, radiologists and orthopaedists.









  • World exclusive training model for hip sonography.
  • Full body manikin of 6-week-old infant.
  • Bilateral hip for examination.
  • Key landmarks that can be recognized under ultrasound include:
    chondro-osseous junction(bony part of femoral neck), femoral head, synovial fold, joint capsule, labrum, hyaline cartilage preformed acetabular roof, body part of acetabular roof, body rim(check list 1), lowe limb of os ilium, correct plane, labrum(check list 2).
  • Facilitate anatomical understanding.


  • Setting and preparation for hip sonography
  • Changing the position of the infant
  • Communication and interaction with infant’s guardian
  • Correct use and positioning of the transducer
  • Recognition of landmarks for hip sonography
  • Interpretation and morphological classification of the sonogram