Intradermal Injection Training Simulator

  • 5 puncture pads
  • 1 forearm model
  • 1 supporter stand
  • 1 storage case


This test system gives preparing of intradermal infusion to the inward lower arm.

An unmistakable trademark skin wheal is framed when appropriate infusion system is followed.


  • Life-like touch and opposition of the infusion site, near that of a genuine human arm, permits pulling the skin and making punctures like a genuine patient.
  • Life-size model lower arm made of delicate sap, sensible in appearance and contact, help in preparing to locate a legitimate needle edge.
  • Stand underpins the lower arm model at legitimate position.
  • Unique structure of the infusion cushion, when appropriately infused, makes an unmistakable trademark skin wheal.
  • Infusion cushions are effectively replaceable.
  • No needle follows remain.