Lumbar Puncture Simulator Ⅱ

Recently included variety of cut cushions, older, thick body and epidural enhances trainings.

New supporters permit both sitting position and parallel position.


  • 1 Lumbar region model
  • 6 Puncture blocks: 2 normal CSF, 1 obesity CSF, 1 senior CSF, 1 senior obesity CSF, 1 epidural
  • 1 Lumbar region skin cover
  • 3 Lumbar region support bases: sitting position, lateral position, team teaching
  • 1 Lumbar spine model
  • 1 set of irrigator bag, tube, support base and syringe
  • 1 Guidebook


  • Intently mimics the lumbar structure including the anatomical exact spots.
  • Gives life-like vibe of both skin and tissue protection from the spinal needle.
  • Permits understudies to both gather CSF fluid and measure CSF fluid pressure under clinically practical conditions.
  • A different anatomical model of the lumbar spine to encourage anatomical comprehension.
  • A straightforward cut square for direct perception of both the life systems and the spinal needle way.
  • Lumbar area bolster represents either individual or group practice.
  • An intensive manual to the applicable life systems, physiology, signs and execution of the lumbar cut.
  • Included likewise is a manual for CSF uid examination and LP hazard the executives.


  • Palpation of landmarks
  • Lumbar puncture
  • CSF collection
  • CSF pressure measurement
  • Epidural anesthesia
  • Anatomical understanding