NCPR Simulator

  • 1 newborn manikin
  • 1 lubricant
  • 1 instruction manua


NCPR Simulator encourages preparing of essential abilities in neonatal consideration. The test system is likewise appropriate for NCPR preparing course.


  • Full-body infant puppet with ribs, bronchi, lungs, throat, and umbilical rope
  • Airway management training with confirmation of bilateral/unilateral ventilation
  • Delicate and sensible umbilical rope with 3 vessels for a variety of aptitudes including venous and blood vessel line situation just as blood test assortment
  • Feeding tube insertion and confirmation of the tube placement
  • PI catheter addition from right leg and arm


Basic Neonatal Care:

  • Changing body position, hygiene
  • Palpation of the anterior fontanelle
  • Clamping, tying and cutting of the umbilical cord
  • Umbilical catheterization and care
  • Tube feeding (nasal and oral) – Tube placement can be confirmed by auscultation
  • Suction (nasal, oral)


  • Chest Compression
  • Endotracheal intubation
  • BVM ventilation

IV Access with transilluminator guidance:

  • Basilic Vein
  • Dorsal Vein (right arm/hand)
  • Saphenous vein
  • Popliteal vein (right leg)