Peripheral Venous Catheter Placement Simulator

Peripheral Venous Catheter Placement Simulator provides full procedural skills from injection to fixing the IV cannula.


Peripheral Venous Catheter Placement Simulator. Tube Feeding Simulator is an effective training tool for caregivers of patients with enteral tube nutrition as well as medical professionals. The manikin has three routes tubes and allows training with real liquid foods.


All preparation aptitudes for the venous course management

Two cut destinations: middle bet brachial vein and dorsal vein

Practice for the expansion of hand skin and the use of pressure on vein

Sturdy cut cushion with IV cannula


  • Wrapping with tourniquet
  • Confirmation of puncture site
  • Cleaning of puncture site
  • Puncture with IV cannula
  • Confirmation of back flow in puncture
  • Application of pressure on vein and decannulation
  • Setting of Influsion tube
  • Confirmation of natural instillation
  • fixing of the puncture site
  • Injection of simulated IV medications from injection subport