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  • 40 simulated skin
  • 1 skin suturing unit
  • 1 suture pad
  • 1 USB camera
  • 1 software (CD)
  • 1 carrying case
  • 1 Lap top PC

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Stitch Evaluation Simulator empowers straightforward interfered with skin stitching which can be assessed quantitatively by activity time, pressure end power added to the skin, equality of fasten situation just as that of each join.


  • There are three modes for various preparing purposes

– Evaluation: target assessment for self-learning

– Learning: reference of models and recorded                   information

– Examination: aptitudes appraisal by the teacher

  • Assessment examined on 6 things drives learners to “alluring” stitch abilities


Suture: Simple interrupted suture.
Ligature: Instrument tying.