Ultrasound-Guided Breast Biopsy Phantom

This clinical ultrasound preparing apparition is developed utilizing Phantom’s ultra-solid tissue and is incredibly practical in ultrasound imaging qualities and feels like genuine human tissue.


Apparition’s bosom ultrasound clinical preparing model permits clients to create and rehearse the abilities important to pick up capability in utilizing ultrasound for imaging and surgeries. Utilizing reenacted human tissue, this sensible and ultra-strong bosom ultrasound careful preparing model is great for preparing clinicians in the psychomotor aptitudes related with bosom ultrasound guided fine needle biopsy techniques. These ultrasound imaging aptitudes incorporate; utilizing ultrasound framework controls, transducer situating and development, acknowledgment of delicate tissue masses, bosom injuries, and bosom tumors in human delicate tissue, and utilizing ultrasound to focus on the sores for fine needle biopsy.


  • Increase imaging and procedural efficiencies utilizing this incredibly reasonable model
  • Ultra-strong structure sets aside you cash
  • Self recuperating tissue
  • Manufactured tissue will never get dried out
  • Phenomenal for creating and refining the psychomotor aptitudes related with bosom ultrasound methods
  • Contains an assortment of masses that are hyperechoic, hypoechoic, and echolucent permitting clients to pick up experience using a wide scope of sores as they would involvement with the clinical condition
  • Contains 14 masses of differing sizes – extending from 4mm to 11mm – permitting clients to build up their aptitudes beginning with bigger injuries and target littler masses as their abilities progress
  • Masses present in both the focal bosom tissue just as the Tail of Spence
  • Liquid can be infused into the model to confirm needle tip area (naturally ousted)
  • Use with any ultrasound imaging framework with proper transducer
  • Work on utilizing ultrasound framework controls
  • High caliber.