Ultrasound Quality Assurance Phantoms

The Ultrasound Resolution Phantom is a ultrasound instrument for concurrent evaluation of pivotal, horizontal and elevational goals. The ghost is built from the patented elastic material, is housed in a rough ABS packaging.


Accommodating both for step by step evaluation and further research. Diminish scale for separate evaluation, development centers with non-resonation chambers, line centers for geometrical appraisal, short nearness objectives, critical and exact objectives are set in the mood for sifting. The phantom is planned to allow looking at from all of the four side dividers.


  • Helpful both for day by day appraisal and further research. Dim scale for differentiate assessment, growth focuses with non-reverberation chambers, line focuses for geometrical assessment, short proximity goals, pivotal and precise goals are set up for filtering. The ghost is intended to permit examining from every one of the four side dividers.