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Buy Lyrica canada, Buy Lyrica online

This platform can be utilized for trainings developed by us and/or by external providers (like Medical equipment manufacturers trainings).

Buy Lyrica canada, Buy Lyrica online

Trainings could be conveyed rapidly as an independent sort of preparing, where the fundamental ICU arrangement (or devoted ICU hardware, ICU care mediation) use Virtual Reality (VR) glasses, which could be utilized at whatever point and any place.

On the other hand it is conceivable to arrange extensive preparing/ focus from us. This incorporates +20 distinctive sort of trainings with approval, regulating, remote, checking, and benefits.


  • Trainee module:.
    – e-learning (basic training material).
    – Tutorial (how to use the system).
    – Simulations (performing different case scenarios).
  • Teacher module:
    – Supervising (how the trainees are performing).
    – Guiding (giving online guidance / instructions).
  •  Integration module:
    – User authentication (for authorized users).
    – Scheduling (schduled training tasks).
    – Grading..
  • Remote maintenence & training.
  • Certification module.
    – Official certifications.